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I am currently building a site with conpresso - my third one - but i want to use Iframes for the content. I tried almost everything to use iframes. THe problem is that sometime the content is very large that it is impossible to make a decent background wich someone has designed for me. When i make a iframe tag to include the content retrieval i_index.php it cant fetch any information from the databse. I already tried to include the dbase configuration files in i_index.php or var_catagory.php. and also including various statements.

Is there someone who has a solutions. Ik want to use iframes in stead of normal frames bacause iframes are more flexible and i can use the global_header/footer from conpresso to ensure that articles are correct regarding to the CSS / images etc.

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Look at this pages, and you can do it similar to the iFrame Methode but it is the better version:
http://en.selfhtml.org/css/eigenschafte ... m#overflow
and a part of this example in the German version:
http://de.selfhtml.org/css/eigenschafte ... erflow.htm


So now I have more Time to help you, but remember, my English is not very well.

You want to have a fixed background-image, I think thats right, isn´t it ?
So you can use CSS to fix the background-image with

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background-repeat: fixed;
You can look here to get more Informations: http://en.selfhtml.org/css/eigenschafte ... rgrund.htm

Or do you want to have a fixed navigation, which can not be scrolled. This is possible with CSS too. There is a good way to fix the navigation in the View-Part of the Browser. You can look here to use position: fixed; : http://en.selfhtml.org/css/eigenschafte ... ierung.htm
But there are problems with the Internet Explorer, because this browser did not know position: fixed; . In this Browser you can only use position: absolute;
I would help you to use "absolute" in the Internet Explorer and "fixed" in the most other Browsers.

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tut des?